Investigative Interviewing

We have an expert team of forensic interviewers available to conduct ABE interviews with children and young people.

Our Team

Triangle's specialist interviewing team have a combined 60+ years experience in working with very young children as well as children and young people with complex needs. Our team regularly train police forces and social workers to develop their specialist skills to enable them to achieve the best evidence when conducting interviews.

Our specialist team of Interviewers are based in the South East but regularly travel nationwide and Internationally to conduct ABE interviews and pre-recorded cross examinations as needed.

We have particular expertise in working with:

  • Very young children (aged two to six)
  • Very traumatised children
  • Children presenting with severely challenging behaviour
  • Children presenting with sexually concerning behaviour
  • Children with communication impairments (autism, learning disability, ADHD, deafness, head injury, physical disability, AAC users)

Triangle's facilities and equipment

We have a fully equipped PACE compliant, accessible interview suite, set within a spacious play area. We recently refurbished our cameras which produce high resolution footage with top quality audio.

Where our team are required to travel elsewhere and there is no suitable video suite available, Triangle can provide a PACE compliant mobile camera. 

We also offer a transcribing service as an add on to any interviews we conduct.

Making a referral

If the child's evidence is needed for criminal proceedings we accept instructions from police forces, the Crown Prosecution Service and defence solicitors.

If the child's evidence is needed for family proceedings we accept both joint or single party instructions. 

Triangle are regularly instructed to conduct pre-recorded cross examinations and provide guidance on appropriate formatting of questions. We have also been instructed by local authorities and by the High Court in specific circumstances. We can provide intermediary support at trials and hearings as required. 

Next steps...

If you would like to make a referral please email our Interviewing team This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 01273 305888