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Please see below for descriptions and prices of our most popular resources:


Truth and Lies

For children’s evidence to be used in criminal or family proceedings, they need to demonstrate their understanding of the difference between truth and lies. This mobile app contains 20 clips for children and young people to watch and answer a simple question: ‘Did they tell the truth or a lie?’

Tried and tested in more than 200 police interviews and criminal trials, these 20 film clips (10-20 seconds) show real children telling the truth or telling lies about events proven to engage children and young people.

These films resolve a number of problems, requiring minimal language processing, not requesting the child to imagine or pretend or listen to a ‘story’, and requiring no person present to tell a lie or be accused of lying.

The app is available on both Apple and Android devices via the relevant app store for £14.99

John and the Ball

John and the Ball is designed to help adults to explore young childen's understanding of truth and lies, which is a requirement for interviews undertaken with Achieving Best Evidence guidance. The booklet is an illustrated version of one of the examples given in the guidance.

We recommend that you avoid using the word 'story' and simply say "this is about what happened with John and the ball". Some children will want to read the words or look at the pictures, others will want you to read the words to them. The book deliberately ends with John telling a lie, and in developing the book we found that this often prompts children to spontaneously comment on lying and truth telling. You can then use the child's own words to explore their understanding of truth and lies. If the child does not spontaneously comment, you can prompt this non-verbally with a facial expression and shrugging. If necessary you can directly ask "what has John done?" or reflect that John broke the window and said he didn't. As a last resort you can ask "did John tell the truth or a lie?"

John and the ball is available for £10 +P&P

The Whole Picture

The Whole Picture is a training resource that addresses the complex issue of disability and sexuality. It has relevance for a range of professionals including support workers, nurses and managers of residential and respite centres. It will also be of interest to disabled young people and their families.

In the film disabled young people and professionals talk about their experiences and views on sexuality. They also provide practical advice about how disabled young people’s sexual needs can be acknowledged and responded to.

The Whole Picture is available for £55

All Join In

This unique video, made with a diverse group of 3-7 year olds, helps children develop skills for communicating and making friends and for understanding their own and others feelings.

All Join In looks at new experiences and new relationships through a child's eyes, aiming to encourage:

  • Inclusion - children are encouraged to wonder about other children and about differences in a positive way.
  • Communication - children are introduced to strategies for making sense of one another's behaviour. These strategies include sign language around feelings and getting along.
  • Emotional literacy - children are shown skills for observing and understanding each others feelings.

The video is almost adult free, interactive, lively and fun.

All Join In is available for £30

Three Way Street

Three Way Street: Communicating with Children and Young People. This film gives practical strategies to make three way communication effective, looking at what helps and what does not help, and taking children’s views into account at every stage.

Three Way Street shows how to get direct communication going with a child in the presence of another adult, using their knowledge and skills when you need to.

Made with the active involvement of children and young people, the pack demonstrates a range of practical skills and strategies and a model of three way communication in which the child is central.

Three Way Street is available for £90

How It Is

An image vocabulary developed to support children to communicate about a range of important issues. It is designed to be used as a flexible, child-centered resource.

How It is is available to download for free, simply use the link below to download your PDF copy

Download "How It Is", image vocabulary for children