The people who work for Triangle do lots of different jobs.

If someone from Triangle is coming to meet you, or if you are coming to see us at Triangle we will send you a letter with a photo of the people you are going to meet.
We will tell you in the letter what our job is and why we are going to be meeting you
All these people work for Triangle:






Maxime Cole

Carly McAuley

Laura Jones

Anthony Julyan







Alison Reynolds

Danielle Marron

Diane Robson

Mimi Pattison-Watt

Jean Mattalia

Emma Wynn-Jones

Liberty Milsom

Mai Yasuhara

Frances Quinlan

Muna Eid 

Jake Johnson 

Dr Sian Benedict-Owen

Lisa Johansson

Amelia Bradley

Miriam Saxon





Interviewing, Specialist Support & Advocacy



Carly McAuley

Maxime Cole

Sarah Crisp

Nicky Evans






Sarah Crisp

Nicky Evans

Carly McAuley

Maxime Cole





Head office



Cara Camies

Carlito Dyer

Charlotte Stahmann

Clare Mitchell

Darren Cook

Emma Grindall

Jodi Aldred

Robin Beales

Sally Howard