Getting It Right

Disabled children and young people are particularly likely to be subject to assessment, planning and review processes and at the same time, particularly unlikely to be involved in these processes. This booklet considers the systemic and practical challenges to meaningful involvement and suggests approaches and resources to meet these.

Over the last 15 years, Triangle has demonstrated in a wide range of contexts that disabled children and young people can be meaningfully and actively involved in important decisions about their lives.

Triangle believes that skills in consulting with and involved disabled children and young people should be a required competence for everyone working with children.

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John and the Ball

About this book

John and the Ball is designed to help adults to explore young childen's understanding of truth and lies, which is a requirement for interviews undertaken with Achieving Best Evidence guidance. The booklet is an illustrated version of one of the examples given in the guidance.

Using this book

We recommend that you avoid using the word 'story' and simply say "this is about what happened with John and the ball". Some children will want to read the words or look at the pictures, others will want you to read the words to them. The book deliberately ends with John tell the lie and in developing the book we found that this often prompts children to spontaneously comment on lying and truth telling. You can then use the child's own words to explore their understanding of truth and lies. If the child does not spontaneously comment, you can prompt this non-verbally with a facial expression and shrugging. If necessary you can directly ask "what has John done?" or reflect that John broke the window and said he didn't. As a last resort you can ask "did John tell the truth or a lie?"

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How It Is

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An image vocabulary for children about feelings, rights, personal care and sexuality. The vocabulary comprises 380 images that are designed to be used as a flexible, child centred resource to support children to communicate about their feelings, bodies, rights and basic needs.