6th June 2018, 10:30 - 13:00

This session will look at the physiological and emotional impact of trauma and ways to help children and young people regulate their state to enable their best communication. This course is suitable for anyone working with children who have experienced traumatic events. The approaches taught have been tried and tested in many education, health, therapy, forensic and care settings. They are evidentially safe for investigative interviews (compatible with ABE guidance) and have been agreed as additional measures at trial for many children and young people.


Ruth co-directs Triangle and works directly with children. Her background is in psychology. Ruth is an experienced forensic interviewer, and also a Registered Witness Intermediary with the Ministry of Justice, providing communication support to children in their involvement with the police and the courts. Ruth specialises in working with very young children, and children with complex communication needs arising from trauma or impairment.

Janet is a Registered Sick Children's nurse, specialising in paediatric intensive care and high dependency care. She works for Triangle with children with complex health care needs, providing training, consultation and expert opinion. Janet is employed part time by the Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals Trust, and she is also a visiting lecturer at the University of Brighton. Janet brings her expertise with children and families facing extreme illness-related trauma to the session.

Andrea’s background is in clinical psychology. She has extensive experience of carrying out assessments and therapeutic work with children and their families. She also works as an intermediary for Triangle, facilitating communication for witnesses and defendants in Civil and Criminal courts. Andrea is registered with the Ministry of Justice for her work with witnesses.


£55 + VAT for the half day course.