This course aims to introduce a range of communication methods and strategies when working with children and young people.


  • To increase competence and confidence in consulting with disabled children and young people, particularly about their views, wishes and feelings
  • To introduce participants to different approaches to communication, within a clear value framework

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Recognise a wide range of communication methods as valid
  • Apply the social model of disability to children's communication
  • Sign a basic introduction to a child
  • Identify barriers to consultation with disabled children
  • Use a range of strategies to overcome these barriers
  • Seek further information and resources locally and nationally


Lisa Craig leads consultation and research projects, most recently consulting with 300 deaf and disabled young people about barriers to employment and further education, and with a 1000 families about services for children under five.

Lisa works directly with children and young people whose behaviour is causing serious concern. Lisa is a non registered intermediary working with young defendants in the Criminal Justice System.


£180 + VAT inclusive of lunch, refreshments and all course material.


Communication Systems in use with Children in England and Wales