It is with great sadness that Triangle announces that one of our Directors Ruth Marchant has died following a long battle with cancer. She will be greatly missed as a Director, colleague and friend.

Ruth was a founding member of Triangle, over 20 years ago. Her contribution to how children can be supported to give evidence cannot be underestimated; she was responsible for a massive shift in how courts both receive and perceive the evidence of children. She was never afraid to question the status quo and to suggest new, innovative and compassionate ways of children having their voices heard in court proceedings. Her thinking and her work can only really be described as revolutionary.

She was a fierce believer in justice, children’s rights and disability rights, taking the view that even very young children can be competent communicators providing the ‘adults in the room get it right’; that the onus for this lies squarely on the adult’s shoulders.

Ruth steered Triangle for 20 years, driven by an overarching wish to do what was best and right for the children that came through our doors. She gave detailed thought to every aspect of this, from ‘how’ children were interviewed about their experiences in a way that could help them begin to recover from traumatic experiences, down to the minute details of ‘how’ they were asked about what drinks they would like.

If you would like to send your condolences, tributes or even memories of Ruth please use this link and we will pass onto the family.

If you would like to view the obituary for Ruth please use this link.