• To provide insights into deafness from a deaf person's perspective
  • To consider communication strategies for use with deaf children
  • By the end of the course, participants will be able to:
  • Think critically about deafness and its impact through into adulthood
  • Make sense of some of the apparent ‘puzzles’ of deaf identity, language and culture
  • Describe some of the barriers facing individuals with deafness
  • Explain basic theoretical perspectives including the medical and the social models
  • Demonstrate increased awareness and knowledge for assessing and effectively addressing deaf children and young people’s communication needs.

Workshop Leader

Rubbena is an Art Psychotherapist with over ten years experience working with deaf and hearing people, refugees and those with mental health and additional needs.

Rubbena works directly with children and young people for Triangle, as a therapist and expert witness. She also works within Triangle’s consultation projects to ensure that deaf children and young people are fully included, and mentors

Triangle’s deaf young trainers.


£55 + VAT inclusive of all course materials and refreshments.

For more information please call on 01273 305888 or email