Triangle has a junior and senior consultative group: All Join In and All Views Aloud.

Junior Consultative Group - All Join In: All Join in is currently run by Maxime. This is an inclusive group of children that meet monthly (during term time) to provide consultation and advice to Triangle and through Triangle to other organisations. The group works in a range of ways, including through art, sign, music and play.

Senior Consultative Group - All Views Aloud: All Views Aloud is currently run by Sophie-Ella. This is a group for young people with disabiliities who are aged 16 years and over. Members give their opinions on issues that affect them. The group has helped with the Audit Commission, the Royal College of Paediatric and Child Health and many other external organisations. They have also had a big involvement with producing three videos within Triangle; Two Way Street, All Join In and Three Way Street.