4 Mar 2022

PELICAN provides web-based materials include a simple, visual PELICAN story, where Peli and Tou introduce you to the PELICAN framework, detailed Guidance, activities and resources in folders for the PELICAN framework and story elements, along with some session plan examples, all at http://www.learningdisabilities.org.uk/pelican

PELICAN focuses on doing, practical, sensory interaction and learning and hopefully will be used by practitioners across a range of settings, particularly schools, as well as parents/families. It can be used along with, or to support other, approaches.

PELICAN results from updated literature and practice reviews and learning from our collaborative of clinical, and some educational, psychologists, with children and young people with learning disabilities, staff and families in a range of settings. It grew out of previous collaborative work adapting the WHO recommended, ev-based intervention FRIENDS for Life for both autism and LD.

We've thought about the pandemic- so there is 'Peli-lite'- focusing more on familiarity and fun, and chill skills!!